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Dryden Yacht Club

Welcome to the Dryden Yacht Club

Wabigoon Hazards Information and Data Files


There are no navigation charts for the Wabigoon Chain of Lakes because it has never been surveyed by the Canadian Hydrographic Service. In 2004, the Ministry of Natural Resources conducted a comprehensive bathymetric and shoreline habitat survey of Wabigoon Lake. From their data, we have obtained GPS coordinates for some 250 hazards to navigation that are less than ten feet below mean low water level.

Dinorwic Lake and other connecting lakes have not yet been surveyed, but DYC members continue to collect GPS coordinates of rocks in these lakes. These new hazard locations will be added to the database as they are collected.

These hazard coordinates are available as a Garmin database (.gdb) file, which can be downloaded to your computer by clicking on the following link.

Wabigoon Chain of Lakes Hazards

The data can be uploaded directly into your Garmin GPS, using the Mapsource software that came with your unit.

If you have a gps other than a Garmin, try this link for software that will convert the file into a format compatible with your gps.

If you prefer,you may download the hazard data as a text file and enter the coordinates manually.

Wabigoon Chain of Lakes text file

If you discover a new hazard which is not yet included in the database, please send the coordinates to the Webmaster